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Covering More Than Just Boats

Stonewall Marine provides comprehensive coverage for marinas and dealerships. We custom tailor the policies for your specific business. Stonewall covers all aspects of your marina or dealership; from building coverage to off season storage. If you have a need, we can cover it.

Coverage for:

  1. Buildings & Docks: We can do a comprehensive evaluation to make sure your building is covered properly in case of a loss.

  2. Dealers Open Lot: Protecting your boats inside and out.

  3. Premise Liability: Providing liability coverage for you and your customers.

  4. Products and Completed Operations: Protecting your service department.

  5. Tools and Equipment: Make sure you have the proper amount of coverage so your business can keep running after a loss.

  6. Care Custody & Control: It’s important to evaluate the amount of coverage you have so that your customers feel secure when they drop off their boat.

  7. Offseason Storage: We have programs available to cover the specific needs of an off season storage facility.

  8. Inventory Held for Sale: Don’t underestimate the value of your inventory held for sale; the little things really add up.

  9. Workers Compensation: Reevaluating your workers comp program every couple of years insures you are paying the correct premium.

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