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You can expect the best protection

Stonewall Marine has special programs designed for your yachts and cruisers twenty six feet and greater.

Our policies include multiple coverage’s:

Coverage’s that can customize your policy:

  1. Full-Time Captain / Crew Coverage Endorsement
  2. Navigation Limit Extension Endorsement- for special trips you may decide to take in the future.
  3. Land Transportation Extension Endorsement
  4. "Six-Pack" Charter Coverage Endorsement
  5. NAVIGUARD Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Endorsement for "qualified" yachts.
  6. Reduced $250 Electronic Navigational Device Deductible
  7. Rental Reimbursement Coverage
  8. Automatic $3,000 Unscheduled Dinghy &Outboard
  9. Motor Coverage
  10. Hurricane/Named Storm Protection Coverage
  11. Additional Repair Coverage
  12. Underinsured Boaters Coverage
  13. "Limited" Contractual Liability Coverage
  14. Chartering Liability Coverage

Special premium discounts are applied when calculating your annual premium for:

  1. Your years of yachting experience
  2. Previous yacht ownership
  3. A new "multi-policy" discount
  4. Completion of various boating educational courses
  5. Automatic fire protection equipment
  6. Theft-deterrent and security devices on your yacht and yacht trailer

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